The Old Neighborhood

This is the coldest day of fall this year.  So cold, that I actually wore my long johns*. This was an excellent decision, because after work today I’m helping a new friend with a class assignment.  She is supposed to walk around with someone in a place that is very familiar to them, and ask questions about their memories and emotions associated with specific places.  I lived in a few places very close to my workplace back in my single days, so we’ll just meet at 5pm and take off.  I was nervous at first trying to choose the proper place, thinking I had to choose a location that afforded me a steady stream of stories.  Luckily she will ask me questions and get the ball rolling.  Otherwise it was bound to be an awkward tour of places I got drunk.

The white line is the shoe polish boundary between me and my girlfriend’s apartments.
We decided to spice up apartment life by starting an old-timey feud.
Yeah, the apartment manager didn’t like it either.

After that I am going to blow some cash at the craft store and try to realize some more of my tiny sculptures.  I took a large pad of yellowed paper from work (it was old!) and drew lots of ideas while watching Fringe.  Can I make a diorama of Saturn and its 63 moons?  I’ll at least try!  A tiny hill covered in pea vines leading down to a mysterious cave?  A cake exploding with birds?  A trash-filled park?  Winter is such a good time for sitting still and having ideas.  I tried to go to bed three times because I kept jumping up to write stuff down.  At one point I shushed my husband quite harshly because I was trying to hold onto a very fleeting idea.

He’s doing his thing, letters will go out soon, and I am focusing on things that are mine and mine only and can travel anywhere.  I hope wherever we go has decent craft supplies.  A.B. must have a steady supply of mini stags and decorative jars!

*I have always hated long johns.


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