To India, with love

So, scratch that. I realized I was getting ahead of myself, like when I imagined I’d be a seamstress after two lessons and started a twitter after I thought I’d started a wildly successful blog.  Tiny Park, Arkansas will be a blog or something someday, but really, I don’t need two blogs.  
Here’s some pics of the clay/pin “robots” I made for a friend to take back to India for her little sister.  I started making these years ago just for fun, but after I invented a position for myself on a non-profit called Art Amiss, I suddenly had to make over 200 of them for a show.  I’m no longer with that group, but people sure do remember those little robots.  That group has asked me to take care of their Etsy site, and I hope I’ll get to do some craftin’ too.  I don’t want to be on the board again, because board members can’t submit artwork to shows.  This is the first time I think I’ll actually have something to offer.

If anyone knows how to do two columns of pictures, let me know. This was a long one.
The husband sent out his third letter today, which was really a full-on application to a program in Boulder, CO (formerly referred to as NewTownX).  I like the idea of that.  Ohio is still on the line, but France hasn’t been launched yet.  He’s stressed, but I want to hope that he’s feeling good and accomplished.  I’m incredibly proud of him and I’m very happy.  I apologized today for my impatience, which would have been hard to do a few months ago.  I really didn’t understand the obstacles in his way.  He seems to be getting over them.
We’re going to spend a quiet weekend, but when he goes out to do research tomorrow, I’m going to A-Z in Alma, Arkansas.  It looks like a scary religious compound from above, and is the largest deal/dollar store mall ever.  It is insane.  The things housed inside it must not be, and are very cheap.  I’m taking some friends, and I think our aim is plastic dinosaurs, wrapping paper and op art.  Yes, necessary things.  Sports, furniture, clothing, bridal, floral, rugs, gifts and sports equipment, all in their own giant iron sheds.  And a diner filled with fried everything.  The last time we went, we spent about seven hours and came out dehydrated and thrilled, only spending about $30.  I’ll be on the lookout for another factory-second Justin Bieber shirt.  My husband and I have a strange liking for pop star t-shirts and pop stars we don’t really know anything about.  He’s got a Backstreet Boys shirt he’s been wearing for a decade, and has been mentioned in his teaching evaluations.  Good or bad? Who cares, I’m getting some tiny dinosaurs.

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