Party time!

It must seem like I’ve been having a birthday for a week, because I have.  I cannot let a year pass without a big party (heck, not a few months can pass) and my birthday never gets left out, even if I have to wait a week afterwards.  Finals will be over (a LOT of my friends are still in grad school) so everyone can come.  My sister-in-law arrives today, and we’ll have the party on Friday.  I’ve been into color themed parties lately, so this one will be pink and aqua.  I purchased a Betsey Johnson dress in Portland (lapse of sanity and finances) and need more chances to wear it:

Mine’s a little lighter, but pretty much the same. Is it cold right now? Of course! But fancy dress and costumes wait for no weather.  I’m going shopping for decorations soon, and I think I’ll just do lots of streamers in my theme colors and some little white lights going around the perimeter of the room.  
There’ll be champagne punch, framboise floats, and lots of snacks.  A friend is lending his projector and screen so we can do big karaoke in the living room.  
Pic from last birthday– for some reason, this really brought the house down.
Some snacks from last year.  My of my friends are excellent cooks, so they bring great things.
The husband, who I will refer to as J. from now on because “the husband” sounds kind of mocking, got me a pair of super super super warm cycling gloves, but even better, he’s really going at it with applications and letters, and that makes me happier than anything.  It’s really starting to come true.  Will I actually need to rock this birthday party like it’s my last one in town?  I avoided a mention of that in the invitations, because I’m pretty sure I said that last year.  Don’t want to jinx it.


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