Snow Day #2

6 inches of snow? NO ONE driving on our road.

Too many projects going on, nothing getting done.
I went with friends to work out on Monday afternoon, and received a call that the whole university would be closed on Tuesday.  Magic.  Then I received a call on Tuesday for the Wednesday closing. More magic.  I have spent these two snow days (not ice days, fortunately) working on a puzzle and doing some light housework.
First puzzle since I was a kid. Strangely satisfying.
I told myself I’d spend these days (if they happened) doing really productive things, like starting on the next sewing project (large floor pillow).  Nope.  The snow is really nice, power isn’t going out from the very light ice and we’ve got enough good food to keep us happy.  It’s good getting to spend this much time with J.  Some free time is good for him.  So far, he’s made a batch of kombucha, biscuits and yogurt.  And not once talked about work.  He seems relaxed, and even started working on his food blog!
On Monday I got an email from Heidi at Hands Occupied asking if I might write some guest posts while she moves with her (future) husband in the summer. I am thrilled.  We’ve got some things in common in the “trailing spouse” department, so I’m really glad to be her sounding board, and vice versa, about identity/marriage/moving issues.  However, she’ll be very likely taking that step before me.
Heidi’s fiance is an excellent craft helper with their ribbon wall.
[UPDATE: we are closed for Thursday, too. As an adult, I don’t think I can ever hope for such luck again.]
Photo by Chris Clanton

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