I wish it were my job to build giant vegetables

Remember that giant artichoke?  Well, there’s asparagus too.  I worked on these two objects for about a month I guess, but I haven’t been able to post their progress because I’m blog friends (and real friends) with the recipient: Heidi at Hands Occupied.  She knew I was making them, but I wanted the whole package to come as a surprise.  It was almost an even bigger surprise: it was delivered to the wrong house, but eventually made its way to its new home.

My lovely photographer friend took lots of pictures so I could someday begin a portfolio.  TONS of pictures after the jump.

Photos by Chris Clanton

And now for some progress shots!

My friends suggested I make an embroidered patch to put on the bottom of the asparagus that says, “Ceci n’est pas un penis”.  Yeah, laugh it up.

Here’s a poll, because I’m feeling overwhelmed with pipe dreams.  What should I do with my life?

a. Learn Arabic
b. Learn sign language
c. Both a and b
d. 3D fabric sculpture
e. Design parade floats and balloons
f. Become a bell specialist (campanologist)

Thrill me with your opinions!


7 Comments on “I wish it were my job to build giant vegetables”

  1. freeze-dried says:

    Ooh, if you decide to learn sign language, sign me up. I'll go with you! Also, is "all of the above" an option?

  2. D, obviously. Remind me I have some books to lend you.

  3. Eileen says:

    3D fabric bell expert?

  4. a. b. says:

    @Freeze-dried I'll send you the info. It's not a uni class, though.@Sexy American Hero– give me a hint! Are you someone I've crafted with recently?@Eileen – I'm no expert, but I have a feeling that might not go so well. Or I could be the expert in my field!

  5. @a.b.–You made me a plaque with my name on it, followed by "Sexy American Hero." It was right next to your engraving of Joan Wayne. In Branson of the Future. You're killing me.

  6. […] and improved globular fruit.  This is the shape that got me started, not so long ago when I was making things as a joke.    Giant stuffed fruit? […]

  7. […] with my basic “beach ball” pattern, and made a series of overlapping leaf shapes.  The original artichoke was a little flatter, so I decided to give this one more dimension by making the largest leaves two […]

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