Food Feud! Homemade Cheez-its! Vintage socks!

Tonight is the 3rd “food feud” between J and our neighbor, and tonight’s challenge is soup.  J is making a a glazed carrot soup from Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (approximate recipe here) and I’m cheerleading with some crackers: Garlic Parmesan Flax and Homemade Cheez-its.  The flax crackers look about what you’d expect:

They taste healthy. I want that to be a good thing.

The Cheez-it imitators are not done yet, but I am supposed to post every day and I know I won’t have a chance once all the guests get here.  The night’s movie is Wizard People, Dear Reader, an alternate audiotrack of Harry Potter, set over the movie.  It is pretty awesome and we’ve seen it 20 times.  Brad Neely, the creator, is from Arkansas, and we never miss a chance to point that out.  Here’s the greatest cartoon every made:

Other good things from this week:

J makin’ soup
Goat cheese truffles (made for a friend’s bday)

Unplanned matching socks for a soccer game. They are both pairs we’ve had since we were in high school.

3 Comments on “Food Feud! Homemade Cheez-its! Vintage socks!”

  1. freeze-dried says:

    Yay. I like this fun post, a.b.and Brad Neely's comics!

  2. Eileen says:

    How did the homemade cheez its turn out? We've tried a similar recipe (but not the readymade one) and had very. poor. results. The comics are indeed the best thing ever.

  3. a. b. says:

    @freeze-dried Every time I watch Wizard People I hear new jokes. We decided to only watch the first half, since HP is a LONG movie. Plus, we all know how it ends.@Eileen They were spectacular, and I'll definitely do it again. A friend last night suggested I make bread slice-sized crackers. This is going to happy. Glad you like the Brad Neely! He did a few cartoons about bible stories that are magical.

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