Make a damn shirt or something

It was a weird doldrummy day (too much damn wind and no sun) so I spent too much time on the internet. By 9:30pm, I was jittery from too much sitting and told myself I needed to make something and NOW.  So I decided to get out the pieces of my Louisa dress (bought in ye olde Portland and being re-created so I can wear it 7 days a week) and see how far I had to go.  With all this crazy warm weather reminding me about Spring, I need to finish this pattern so I can make myself dresses.  When I got it out, I had an almost-finished dress missing ONE SLEEVE.  That’s just the muslin and I’ll have to cut it out and sew it together again with my fabric, but HOLY SHIT SO CLOSE.  Knowing I didn’t have the focus to start taking it apart tonight, I decided to just go grab a piece of fabric and sew some lines on it.

I made a shirt, or what is supposed to be a shirt.

And it fits kinda like a shirt, and kind of looks like one.  That is the shot of confidence I needed.  Tomorrow (after the soccer game, aaagggh) I’m going to re-start the dress project.  Be on the lookout for a finished product in the next few weeks!  And make fun of me and call me a quitter if you don’t.


One Comment on “Make a damn shirt or something”

  1. a. b. says:

    It must look bad, eh?

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