Trumpet skirt project

I couldn’t find any fabric I liked for my next Louisa dress, so I decided to remake a skirt I’ve had for a decade: 

Doesn’t look like much from the photo, but it’s a beautifully put-together piece that fits me perfectly and looks good when I spin.  I thought it was called a tulip skirt.
It’s 10 panels in cotton with a more vibrant lining and a zipper on the side. Since I don’t want to take the original skirt apart, I am going to have to experiment with how the inner belt and lining work, but looks like the lining is just an identical version of the skirt.  So far it looks a little cheerleader-y, but when I iron it out I bet it’ll look better.  Bright blue will be my color for spring/summer.  I am looking forward to storing my grey and black winter wardrobe.

One of the millions of seams.
Since there are 20 big seams to finish, I was feeling adrift without a serger.  I didn’t want to make any more stitch lines on the right side of the fabric, and I also don’t want ratty seams.  Someone suggested Dritz Fray-no-more, but I didn’t want any sharp edges or weight added.  I ended up trimming the seam allowance to 1/2″ and using bias tape to finish.  Yeah, it added weight, but it looks super professional (from my perspective).  Why didn’t I take a picture??
Lovely lining fabric.
I don’t mind the finished seam stitches showing on the right side of the lining, since no one will see it. This will definitely get done over the weekend, then I have a few days off for Spring Break!  I promise I will actually finish a project from a real pattern.  I don’t know why I’m so hesitant. I HATE reading directions, that’s why.

[Update: I just found a Simplicity pattern for a trumpet skirt that looks SOOOOOOO much simpler than this 10-panel one.  Urgh. Thank you internet for giving me a sign.]


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