Successes! Sort of!

The deadline for the big job is on Friday, and I’ve got a stack of resume/cover letter edits to perfect.  There is also another job about to open, but it is below my pay grade.  If it weren’t for J graduating and on a job search, I’d go for it. I’d love working for the boss there, but it would be a band-aid solution, I think.  If there were a way to up the pay, heck yeah! But I got two mouths to feed (and one of them is 31).

I’m excited about the big job, though.  Even though I feel utterly green compared to the person leaving it (retiring), I do meet the requirements listed, and not just minimally.  It’s strange writing a resume for a job within your organization. What to leave out? What do they already know? Is a level of informality ok? I have no idea, so I’m trying to play it safe.  They know who I am, so if they consider me or not, the written documents won’t make or break me unless I mail them in with ketchup stains or lie about a presidential term.

I’ve been reading the Ask a Manager blog religiously for the past month (honestly, for the past 5 years).  The great thing about that blog is that she almost always answers your questions, even if it doesn’t warrant a blog post.  I read about her on Feministing long, long ago and reading that blog has helped me land a job, keep it, get better at it and hopefully get a new one.  Thanks Allison Green!  It must be good, if I’ve mentioned it in my own blog four times already.

Other than jobs, my other good news is that I got into an art show with my little sculptures.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a venue for the show.  It’s being put on by an organization that I have volunteered and served on the board of directors for.  It has been in the same place every single time with the exception of one year, but it looks like their luck ran out.  I know it is self-centered, but why the first year I was able to submit, and get in?  I have a super sad face.

This weekend is J’s commencement ceremony, and we’ll be partying down with both sets of parents, my sister and his sister.  Everyone is awesome, so I’m looking forward to it.  It will be nice to have a few people to be with during the 4 HOUR GRADUATION.  Thank god for iPod touch games.  Tiny Wings, we are about to get to know each other very well.


2 Comments on “Successes! Sort of!”

  1. Eileen says:

    Boo about the show, but your little sculptures look awesome. You make such pretty things–your porch decorations for Dr.J's birthday looked simple but awesome, way better than streamers, and these are just adorable.

  2. a. b. says:

    I'd been asked to submit some stuff to a different, newer series of shows, so I can still do that too. I needed a little validation from the art community, and I got it!

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