MUST CRAFT – Cranes and Pinwheels

We’ve been in the new apartment for two full weeks now with none of our stuff. Other than getting tired of wearing the same pair of shoes every day, this hasn’t been bad at all.  It’s clean and open, and we don’t have to mess with tidying much.  But the one thing that has been driving me nuts is having no access to my craft supplies.
Instead of being impatient and wasting money buying things that would soon arrive, I bought a pack of 50mm origami sheets in Japantown (one of the three surviving in the country) and learned how to make paper cranes.  I got pretty ok at it, but it just wasn’t enough.  
I’ve been keeping a list of fun craft projects to decorate the house with, and they are mostly paper crafts like lanterns and pom-poms.  I was really inspired this week by a tip from Hands Occupied on how some crafters are repurposing wedding or shower decorations.  That’s all and well for when the moving truck finally arrives (tomorrow!) but what do I do now, when my need is so great?  Oh, hello pinwheels!

I saw cute pinwheels (among other paper lovelies) at and then found very simple instructions to make them myself.  I think what appealed to me the most was that all I needed was paper and a fastener.  

Square paper
Lonely post earring 

Just fold the square in half twice to divide the paper into four squares.

Cut a slit from each corner to the middle, leaving at least a fingertip of space before the middle, so as not to cut a piece off completely.  

Take one corner and fold in toward the middle.

Fold every other corner until it looks like a pinwheel!

Use a sharp something to poke through all four corners and the center of the paper.

Fasten with the lonely earring!

I realize how janky this tutorial is, but it is for crafters of necessity.  As delighted as I am with tiny things and learning a new skill, this is enough to keep me going until I find the boxes with all my stuff in them!


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