Halloween! In 2011!

It’s the Halloween of the future! I decided to go as a unicorn, because I really didn’t feel like dressing up like an entire cake or entire whale this year, and who knows what I would have been? An entire city? An entire iceberg? Unicorn horns were splendidly easy to make, and I’ll devote a tutorial to them later. My husband also was a unicorn, so we made a cute and horny pair.

New friend! Loves Hyperbole and a Half. We have bonded over shared internet fancies, and I made her a hat to complete her “CLEAN ALL THE THINGS!!!” costume. Here we are, looking awesome:

Coupla broads in San Jose

I realized later that the wonderful creator of HAAH, Allie Brosh, actually did a comic about a unicorn, so I could have hung on my friend’s coattails.

The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.

Being in a new place for my favorite holiday was great.  I’d met enough awesome people to go to a karaoke bar and make a fool of myself, in costume.  I didn’t have to top last year’s costume, which I’ll admit made the whole thing much more fun.



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