DIY Holodeck from Star Trek: TNG

EFF YEAH DIORAMAS!  I am getting to the Star Trek: The Next Generation game a little late, but it’s never too late for more nerd cred.  I feel like since I’ve started watching the series, a new community has opened up, with more humor, dorkiness and inclusion.  A few weeks ago, I decided that in my tradition of making a photo corner at my birthday party, I would make a holodeck (black tarp, yellow duct tape, determination).  But before I attempted that, I made it tiny!

I’m really surprised I didn’t find any IRL holodecks online, no Google, no Etsy.  The ONLY “holodeck” entry on everyone favorite craft mega-site was this.

Other than the bright yellow tape, this papercraft holodeck from the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) can be made mostly with things you likely have around.   It could be small enough for miniatures, or big enough to take pictures of yourself in.

Supplies needed:
lightweight cardboard (cereal box)
matte paper
exacto knife
straight edge/ruler
yellow tape (artist/masking/duct)
Holodeck pattern

Print out one pattern for the cardboard structure, and another for the “wallpaper”.  The wallpaper pattern should be printed about 5% larger.  You’ll need a tiny bit of overlap so it wraps correctly.

STRUCTURE: Trace the smaller pattern onto the cardboard and cut out.  The tabs along each edge are not necessary for the cardboard piece, except for the “GLUE UNDER A” tab.  Bend along dotted lines and glue appropriate tab under the floor side marked “A”.   This should make a corner with two walls and a floor.

WALLPAPER: Take the larger pattern and trace/print onto a piece of matte black paper (I used construction paper) and cut out.

Using a straight edge, draw gridlines with pencil onto the black paper.  The spacing is up to you, but keep it consistent.

Apply yellow tape stripes to wallpaper BEFORE attaching wallpaper to model.  With the exacto knife (and a self-healing mat if you got it) cut tape strips long enough to run the length of both the wall and the floor.  The stripes should form what looks like a basket:

The width of the strips depends on the size of your model, and your interpretation of TNG holodecks.  For a 3” model, I cut the strips ⅛”.  Attach the strips to the wallpaper top to bottom on the left wall and floor, and across the model left to right.  Attach the top to bottom strips on the right wall AFTER the next step.

Fit wallpaper to model and fold tabs over the sides of the cardboard.  Glue in place.  Fold the “GLUE UNDER A” wallpaper tab under (do not glue).  Make sure all edges are adhered and straight.

Now, attach top to bottom tape strips to the right wall.  Use the end of a pencil (but not the lead) to tuck the tape into the angle between wall and floor, and continue along floor.  Fold all extra tape under model.

To finish, use large strips of yellow tape to cover back.  Just make it nice!


"Hey-- who's up for a game of Pyramid? Oh sorry, wrong show."

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