Put a bird on it!

I’m really late on this one– my spouse has been using this catchphrase for months it seems, and I had no idea where it was from!  It’s just the bird zeitgeist, ya know.  I am a bird fan (it’s the nickname my spouse calls me) and I’ll admit that I’m huffy about the sudden preponderance of bird merchandise*.  That’s the latent hipster in me, I’ll admit.

I didn’t like Portlandia at first, having come back from my first trip there and TOTALLY in love with the town.  I gained enough of a sense of humor since then to enjoy it.

Detail of a letter to be mailed to PDX

*As much as I am irked by the bird stuff, the mustache items make me want to put a turd on it.


6 Comments on “Put a bird on it!”

  1. doudou says:

    Put a bird on it? What does that mean?

    • birdjibble says:

      It’s a joke– normal, plain objects are decorated with a bird silouette and suddenly because more interesting. It’s done so much in things like Etsy and in hip stores, that it’s almost trite. I love birds, but I like this skit because it makes fun of fads.

  2. doudou says:

    Reblogged this on dou dou birds and commented:
    Hilarius but I hope that was a fake bird

  3. I love this skit! But I like the one at the restaurant more – where they continuously ask the waitress where the free-range chicken was from and how it was treated. It definitely puts our hipster, yuppie beliefs to the test. But Portlandia jokes get old fast. What did you do in Portland?

    • birdjibble says:

      My husband had a conference there, and I was visiting a friend. It was a heavenly place. A strange place, but heavenly. I went during the Put A Mustache On It! era.

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