Thanks to everyone who gave me any kind of birthday wish or pleasantness today, even if you did not know it was my birthday.  Husbro was sick this morning, so I just got my gift when he got home.  A miter box and saw!

There are some woodscraps in our storage area downstairs, AND THEY ARE GONNA GET CUT.  Also, in the realm of wonderful things, I received not one, but TWO sweaters identical to the one I’m wearing in the above picture.  This was not an accident.  I’m turning into Where’s Waldo.

Coming soon!  A new felt flower tutorial I found (and how I do it differently), a treasury of bear/bird slash fic* and a whole lotta Hanukkah gifts**.

*Just kidding– it’s an Etsy treasury I made.

**Am I just forcing my Jewish friends to do xmas with me?  Is it a Hanukkah gift if it comes from a goy?


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