“Found Fayetteville”

We’re back in Arkansas for the holidays, and I was asked to help in a neat theatre production on New Year’s Eve.  There’s a fantastic troupe called the Artists Laboratory Theatre, and they’re putting on a show based on submissions of pictures, letters and other ephemera.  Like Found Magazine, but live!  The founder, Erika Wilhite, found a photograph from the 1970s of some cool dudes and dudettes sitting on the corner where I used to live.  I was asked to re-create the photo with people from the neighborhood.

We’re hanging out at a coffee shop before we meet up with our old friends and neighbors to do a modern take on the photo.  Some of us will probably look like we’re still in the 70s, and there’ll be a baby in someone’s arms instead of a camera.  It’ll be good to see my old roommates again.  We even ran into a guy at the coffee shop who had a camera, and enlisted him to take the photo.  This is a regular day in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Meeting strangers, walking around with no definite place to go, recreating tableaux from the past (ok, that last one is a stretch).

The picture will be featured in a slideshow with the other submissions, and I’m not sure what drama will then be built around it.  I’ll post an update once we take the photo.


2 Comments on ““Found Fayetteville””

  1. […] the few days I was in town, I gathered enough people to make the shot, and happened onto a friendly […]

  2. Erika says:

    IT WAS AWESOME! Thank you so much for recreating such a wonderful scene. When I first saw the original photo, I thought, “wow, these people look so cool.”And, of course, it is my street! Our street. Thank you for making the replica. It is a “cool” moment in the show. Very cool.

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