Etsy Treasury: A Bird and a Bear

I’d like to get a tattoo of a bird and a bear.  A friendly bear and bird.  There’s a picture of a specific bear in my head, maybe dancing and holding out his paw to a little bird, but as many thousands of images I go through on Google Images, I cannot find it.  Maybe I should browse wine labels.

I made this treasury of Etsy items to assuage me until I find it.  Got a cute bear or bird image? Let me know!



Papa Bear plate


BEAR to do list notepad by b…




Be my Friend, Print, 8×11 in…


Unlikely Circumstances


Forest Concert


Watching Over 5×7 Print


We all fly together LIMITED …


Pamela in the Woods – 8×10 P…


Hand Drawn 8×10 “Float&…


Oliver Finds His Way, origin…


Asleep in the Woods – Origin…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

[UPDATE: Hilariously, I found an Apartment Therapy article on “dancing bear art.  I love the internet.


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