Fayetteville, AR: Then and Now

Original photo by unknown Fayette-villain, taken in the summer with a much newer house. Other than the color of the siding and rocks, not much has changed.

During the few days I was in town, I gathered enough people to make the shot, and happened onto a friendly photog.

Left to right: Laine Gates (holding Ari Gates-Moore), Tony Presley, Amy Brown (moi), Stephanie Bolin, Sam King and Justin Mitchell.

Photo by Tim Ryan Smith.  What a guy– I assumed the man my friend Stephanie was talking to at the coffee shop was someone she’d known for a while.  Using the rule of association, I plainly asked what he was doing at 3pm and if there was a real camera in that case around his neck.  Fayetteville, an artsy college town, is quite crawling with handsome young men with cameras around their necks, but Tim happened to be a Real Life Photographer.  I didn’t know this until later, and felt quite chagrined.We just needed a seventh person to take the shot, and I was relieved to find someone willing.

Once he started directing the shot, moving the car and making sure everyone was exactly posed, I realized I could never have done it without a professional.  He got the shots, edited them and sent them to me in a day.  However these are used in the “Found Fayetteville show, it was a wonderful experience with old and new friends.

Remember– it never hurts to ask.


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