“Look Ma, no glue!”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody!  I am dying to get back home to my workshop and make stuff till I fall over.  I’ve been gone almost three weeks on our trip to the Midwest/South, and have only visited craft stores four times.  That’s good, right?

Since starting a job where I get to make stuff, I soon realized I’d go into withdrawals without something to do with my idle hands.  I tend to turn into a terrible TV-watching, M&M-munching dolt when I visit my parent’s house, so I figured I’d kill a few birds with one (felt) stone and buy a few supplies.  My mom has been impressed with my felt flowers (from Holidash) in the past, so I got a brush and a 3-needle felting pin to take home with me.  My holidays will never be the same– she loved it!  We’ve made a pact to craft together via Skype.

She was so excited. "Look, no glue!"

She took to the clip method from Infarrantly Creative really well– within ten minutes she’d put together a wonderful flower, then a stem in just a few more!  I’m not sure why I’m surprised– that’s the gene pool I come from.  Her’s is way better than mine!

My wonderful, crafty Ma.

I still ate a lot of M&Ms, though.


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