The World Needs More Of: Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events

Lovely package update!  Janice was sweet enough to send my package to Tulsa, Oklahoma so it would meet me while I was traveling.  It was a big box! A big pink box! Actually, it was a cake box, which just made the whole ordeal that much more fun.  Do you want to see pictures?

Photo by Kurstin Roe Photography

But first, a little bit about Janice.  She is Bellwether Events  , making beautiful weddings  in Washington, D.C.   Her mission statement says it all:

You ought to enjoy your engagement and planning your wedding

You deserve to make educated decisions and feel comfortable with your choices 

You should be encouraged to spend wisely and maximize your budget

You deserve to work with professional wedding and event vendors who you trust

You have the right to feel relaxed and calm in the weeks, days and hours leading up to your wedding

You should spend your wedding day with your family and friends

Now, on to the presents!!!  Here is the delightful cake box I found under the tree at my in-laws.  OKLAHOMA!  Inside were two stacked boxes covered in pom-poms and tiny, sparkly reindeer:

Now, here’s a little jump with lots and lots of pictures


Inside, I promise, was a gift that is in the top five best presents I ever received, and that includes my engagement ring presented to me on my birthday.  A tiny book of tiny stories and the World Smallest Post Office.  I had seen the WSPO line at Leafcutter Designs before and lusted after it, and now it is mine!  Janice took my hints of liking “tiny things” to heart and really blew my mind.

The Post Office contains paper, two styles of envelope, stamps, “wax” seals, postal stickers, twine, boxes, butcher paper for wrapping and newspaper for packing stuff in the boxes.  Not just bits of newspaper, but miniature sheets, full of ads, articles, horoscopes and crossword puzzles.  Different on the front and back! This was my favorite bit.  I’d fill out the crossword if the pen was small enough.  And speaking of pens, it came with a super-duper fine-point pen so you can write more than one word on your mini-papers.

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