Halloween Hats!

Satisfied customers: Mary and Jerry take a stroll in their Halloween hats.

One of the skills I’m honing are odd hats (see above).  I made my first costume hat for a cupcake costume for Aprilween, but it didn’t make the cut when we had our first moving yard sale.  I was surprised that someone would buy a hand-made hat, and they went on to order two more.

Aprilween 2010: Betsey Johnson cupcake!

One day, I promise I’ll make a better tutorial for one of these.  It’s pretty much cover a balloon in paper mache, then go crazy.  I can’t get more specific than that.

The hat helps you communicate with other pointy plants. Photo by Chris Clanton.

Justin sports a fashionable chapeau.

Cactus tutorial: Part 1!  Part 2!  Part 3!


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