Now Open: Jumbo Jibbles on Etsy!

I’ve re-opened my Etsy Shop, reborn as Jumbo Jibbles, and am selling my miniature robots once again!  Much to my dismay, did you know that Sculpey will dry out, even if you’ve never opened it?  That was a hard lesson (buh-dum-ching!).  Luckily, I live spitting distance from Michael’s.

Take a gander at what I’ve got!

I need to get cracking and actually make some new “jumbo jibbles” (giant vegetables) for my shop.  The only ones I’ve made I’ve given away!

One Comment on “Now Open: Jumbo Jibbles on Etsy!”

  1. […] few years ago when I first started making my little robots, I bought a gross of acorn capsules to package them in.  I still get excited about internet […]

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