A Stitch a Week: Casalguidi

Into the fray!  My fascination with the art of embroidery is such that I’ve decided to try a new stitch every week, and document it here.  I’m going off of Sharon B’s Stitch Dictionary for Embroidery, which rates each stitch’s difficult level.  I picked a random stitch, the Casalguidi, and found it listed as three scissors! (That’s hard.)  In my typical unprepared but enthusiastic fashion, I decided to try it last night while we watched Deep Space Nine.

From Sharon B's

The Casalguidi stitch is actually a number of different stitches that form a raised tube-like structure.  I think the example pictured above looks like snakeskin.  It’s a mix of couching, satin stitch and stem stitch that looks ab-fab once it’s done.  I used four colors of green, which came out stripey.  It looks like a variegated thread would look a lot better.  Mine ended up looking like a caterpillar, so I gave it some spikeys with the Turkey stitch (also known as a Ghiordes Knot).

The Casalguidi is the horizontal stitch along the tube, and the yellow fuzzies are Turkey stitches.

I went a bit crazy with the Turkey stitches and gave my 'pillar a fuzzy face, too.

I was inspired to learn couching after I saw a tutorial at Hands Occupied for an adorable Kermit/Piggy embroidery/applique.

This was supposed to be a "J", which then almost became my husband's name. I got bored, so now it looks like the start of, "FUUUUUUUUU". To the right is a little sample of stem stitch.

A little patch of Turkey stitches cut and fluffed up to look like grass.

You can check Flickr for their few Casalguidi pics.

Gorgeous Casalguidi from Flickr user Fiberdabbler


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