Two Buck Tuesday!

I am so glad I made business cards! Last week, J and I went to Two Buck Tuesday at Kaleid Art Gallery in San Jose. It’s a very inclusive gallery– perfect to get a foot in AND meet some good people. I’m doing well in my new town, but hadn’t gotten involved in the art community. This was my missing puzzle piece!

We met a handful of artists and I found out how to participate in their Two Buck Tuesday event. Every month, they have an open house where artists can hang out and doodle together, and people can buy two dollar’s worth of art. Each artist creates works that can be sold for only $2. I am excited to submit some of my small pieces (if I can find a way to make them in the $2 range) but also to do a little illustration. I am a new hand at drawing and painting, but I like to pretend I’m Maira Kalman.

I used old card catalog entries (I have hundreds from the now-defunct Mullins Library) and watercolors.  I felt totally worn out when I was done with them, even though they are tiny.  Maybe because they are so tiny!


One Comment on “Two Buck Tuesday!”

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