How-to: Make a Penguin

AAAH! HE’S ENORMOUS!!! Actually, he’s quite small as he’s made from a toilet paper roll.  If you’re like me and hoard cardboard tubes, you could make an army of penguins.  I think that was a Bjork album.

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper in black and yellow
  • white cardstock
  • scissors
  • toilet paper tube
  • black marker
  • glue

Body: Start by cutting the black paper length-wise at the height of the roll.  You’ll use this strip to cover the whole body of the penguin, and can cut off excess length later.  Set aside.

Top of head (optional): Trace the circle of the tube and then sketch a larger circle around it, maybe about half an inch.  Cut this whole thing out, then cut lines from the outer circle towards the inner circle, as seen in the picture below.  Once you’ve got it all done, bend the little tabs in towards the center of the circle. Line the top outside of your roll with glue, and sit this piece on top like a hat.  Hold the tabs over the glue for about 30 seconds until they stick.

At this point, attach the large black body piece with glue.  Hold until dry enough to stand alone.

Face: From the yellow (or orange, do what you like) paper, fold a small piece and cut a triangle along the fold.  You can use the templates if you like.  Cut circles or ovals for eyes, and color in the pupils with marker.  Glue the eyes and beak onto the face.

Feet: Cut three-toed feet from the template, or just go crazy!  I’ve never seen a penguin’s feet in real life, so for all I know they have human feet.  The point is to just have a good time.  Put glue along the flat part of the foot and set the roll down on top of it.  The glue will try as the penguin sits.

Now for the wings!  Cut out from the template above, or improve.  Fold the top flat of the wing down and adhere glue.  Hold it to the side of the penguin until it sticks.  From here, you can bend the wings to give your creature a little character.

Other tutorials use google eyes or foam, and I think those are great ideas.  This tutorial uses the most basic items that people have in their homes and can be put together very quickly.

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  1. […] tutorials of lovely stuff to do with kids that use the simplest supplies.  Yesterday, I showed you how to make an adorable penguin out of a toilet paper roll, and the entire scene with penguin, mountains, clouds and a rabbit.  […]

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