Happy (Early) St. Patrick’s Day!

I am not Irish, but I do like groups of friendly people riding bikes and dressed predominantly in green.  I’m participating in an Irish-themed ride with San Jose Bike Party, and wanted to do a little something for my bike.  I got a handlebar bag yesterday, and there was a convenient clear pocket on the front.  I went for a snake instead of the usual shamrock and leprechauns.  I wanted to dress up as a huge snake and have Justin chase me with a stick (as St. Patrick) but we figured in a group of 1,000+ cyclists, that could be trouble.

I’ve always thought of the story of St. Patrick chasing the snakes out of Ireland as THE legend, but I found out that “post-glacial Ireland” didn’t have any snakes.  Maybe it was large worms?


For this craft, I used three sheets of pressed felt, a felting pad and a needle. So simple!  You could also use glue if you feel so inclined.  I did the lettering free-hand (I am usually very bad at lettering).  Wish me luck tonight!  I have never been around this many bikes and it will be raining!

Bonus!  San Jose is a sister city to Dublin, Ireland, and the “Lord High Mayor” Andrew Montague visited last weekend.  He is a cycling enthusiast and went on a ride with citizens on Sunday morning.  Justin and I got our picture with him.  Get a load of that chain of office!


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