Mixing Paint for Kids Who Hate Getting Messy

How in the world?  I learned recently that some kids don’t like getting their hands messy, and that it is very distracting from creativity if they are constantly washing their hands.  Mixing colors in paint is much faster and yields results much faster, but mixing colors in different mediums strengthens the attention span, motor coordination and sometimes ends with a more interesting result (more so if you don’t mix all the way).  So, if your kid is adverse to getting paint on her hands, or you need a craft that can be done with little clean-up, try modeling clay or wool.

I do a lot of needle-felting with my client, and as we were making clouds yesterday (a post on that later!) I found this wool-mixing alternative.  We started with plain white wool roving and some assorted colors in rolls.  Grab a handful of the white, and depending on how dark you want the color to be, pluck out some colored roving from the rolls.  This gets the child used to incremental steps as she finds what amount of color she should use when mixing with a larger amount of white.



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