What the flock is flocking?

What is “flocking” exactly?  Ever wonder how those Humane Society banks next to cash registers at pizza places get that fuzzy look? Flocking is the “process of depositing many small fiber particles onto a surface”.  So, unlike velvet which is the result of one woven piece cut apart from another, flocking is like sticking little pins into something as separate pieces.  This is done with science!  Here’s a great video that shows to to use flocking when creating models:

Wacky, right?  The little fibers are charged so they all stand the same way, so when they are shaken onto a sticky surface they stick up like grass!  I had no idea this was a process that could be done by an individual.  I’m sure the mass-marketed ones were done in a factory, but it’s good to know this is something I could pursue if I ever needed ANOTHER project.  Until then, here’s an Etsy treasury of flocked hippos and Valentine’s cards.

‘Kitschy Flocked’ by pinkpicnic

I recently learned the term for those fake velvet animals popular in the 70s/80s. Easter is coming up and I remember having a little fuzzy rabbit bank. Look at the great collection I’ve found on Etsy!

Woodland Shadow Box Art Magi…


Vintage Flocked Horse


Vintage toy HIPPO from Sovie…


Kunstlerschutz St. Bernard h…


Sweet Vintage Doe and Fawn D…


Vintage Children’s Easte…


Vintage Flocked OWL Bank Jap…


My Little Pony So Soft Ribbo…


Set of seven vintage USSR sh…


Trio of Vintage Flocked Bunn…


Vintage Flocked Critters


Vintage Flocked Bird Pink an…


Vintage Flocked Blue Posies


Blacklight “By the Lake…


Little Vintage Flocked Metal…


vintage 70’s Flocked Vel…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio


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