Space Lockets

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending an art supplies swap, and got loads of strange stuff (old x-rays, glass balls, fake eyes, a BUTTON MAKER) to play with.  Something I randomly picked up (because it was so cheap!) was a bag of glass lockets you can put stuff in.  At first, I thought it was fun to put some glitter in it, because it would move around like snow in a snowglobe.  It also keeps Justin on his toes to know he could be glittered at any moment.  The poor boy lives in constant fear of glitter.  Today I finally sat down and tried my other idea: multi-layer space scenes.

I had so much fun painting these! I wish I had more than three to play with.  I made two, and listed them on Etsy for your perusal.  Here’s how I did it:

Tiny amounts of acrylic, sparkles and lots of concentration.  Most of the things I make don’t require expensive materials, just a good eye for tiny details.

This is the closed locket.

I painted on some very light nebulas first, then a few glitter atoms, some stars, more nebulas, then the sun and planetoid.  On the other side I painted a solid background with more glitter for stars.

I absolutely love them, and am wearing one until someone buys it.  I need to find out where to buy more of these lockets!


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