I got a job! A sewing “specialist” job!

Yesterday, I started work at an awesome kids day camp called Steve and Kate’s Camp. Along with one other instructor, I have the run of a large sewing studio and oodles of kids from kindergarten to 7th grade.  Lots of young minds to mold!  So, I will not be posting as much now that I am working when everyone else is working.  I’ll still have time to work on my stuff on the weekends, and I’m incredibly happen that my Etsy store is finally picking up.

One of my goals for June is to get lots of listings up, but to do that I have to take some great pictures.  Now that my work is getting bigger, I will work on setting up a tripod and “modelling” some carrots.  This is just a silly picture from right before I decided I’d rather take a nap:

Later this week, I’ll post some pictures of my “standard issue” camp t-shirts.  Since I’m a sewing instructor*, I’m allowed to show off my craft on my shirt, so I’ve done some tailoring (and tshirt massacre) that I’ll showcase here. If you’ve never gotten your hands on a copy of Generation T, go look at it.  Yeah, you’ll ruin a few shirts before you get the hang of it, but that’s why thrift stores are for.  Check it out!

*Actually, anyone can do this, because this camp is really awesome.


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