Look up in the sky, what do you see?

Work in progress on light tab


So, I was born at a time of day when stars aren’t visible in the sky.  But my mom knows they were there, and came up with the magnificent idea of making star charts into jewelry.  We were discussing my Universe in a Locket piece, and she said, “Wouldn’t it be cool–” and when my mom starts a sentence that way, something good is coming– “if you could use the stars the way they were arranged the day someone was born?”

Thanks mom!

I use the website Your Sky to make the charts, then manipulate them into the proper size and orientation.  I hand paint each star, then cover the back with a wash of blue and a few layers of sealant.  And a little glitter, of course.  I’m currently painting with a series of sewing pins sanded down to the proper size.  I’ve been told there’s a better way (nail art supplies).

I market them as birthday jewelry, but it can commemorate any day.  Sports victories, deaths, first kisses, invention of the internet, all of these things would be possibilities for this piece.



Optician lenses make a great base for this artwork.  I use +1 or less lenses to prevent magnifying the artwork.  I also like that they are sturdily made, for medical purposes, and have a simple, clean look.   This is not your usual piece of jewelry.


Work in progress on my light table.


Before blue wash and protective coating.

If you are looking for a special gift for someone you love or a tangible reminder of mistakes made, trot over to the Jumbo Jibbles store and see if it fits you.


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