July Photodump


New from my sky chart collection!  This is the night sky on December 21, 2012 from the viewpoint of Chichen Itza, Mexico.  THE END OF THE WORLD!  Supposedly.  People really, really want there to be a definite end point for some reason, and will mis-read all manner of things to figure it out.  This fiery piece of madness will be up on my store soon, along with other pertinent events in history.  Remember, you can order ANY day, not just a birthday.  Should I do the original upload of Keyboard Cat or Kim and Kanye’s first date?  Oh, so many decisions to make.


Pardon the blurry photo.  Camp’s theme this week was “Enchanted”, so I utilized a gorgeous black velvet cloak that my grandmother made my mother when she was a teen.  For some reason, I never asked my mom why she needed a black velvet cloak…. gonna go make a phone call.  Anyhow, I also made up a wonderfully easy wand which definitely “enchanted” the campers.  I’ll post a tutorial soon.


Sometimes I worry I’m not as good with kids as I need to be.  It’s really hard to help 15+ kids all do different projects at once, and it’s shown me I need to be a more patient and compassionate person.  Really, if you don’t have those two things (in any amount) step away from the children.  It’ll just end badly.  So I was delighted when one of my 3rd graders gave me this sweet little note!  If I have time, I want to re-create the drawing as a stuffie and give it to him before camp is over.  I think that’s the boy in the drawing, so maybe I’m the dinosaur?



Though I am somewhat loathe to post this, I am proud of my recreation of Girl Savage’s “feltidermy” jackelope.  I’ve had one of her pieces for years, and a friend recently commented on how much he’d like one for a friend’s housewarming next week.  Girl Savage is currently busy making a hand-made human being and has her shop on vacation, so I told him I’d make him one.  I felt so dirty making someone else’s creation!!  Justin assured me this isn’t the only felt jackelope-maker, but she’s the oldest one I know of and the best.  Mine is shoddy in comparison, but I did make a decent adjustment– backwards needle-felted hairs on the ears and chest.  Like it?


My campers continue to be awesome in their creations.  We’ve got a copy of the Cuter Book (which I’ve owned two of in my lifetime) in the sewing studio, and it’s probably the biggest hit.  The book has very small projects, mostly 2D stuffed animals that often include just gluing pieces on.  Most kids have been making those, but the above camper took it to another level and made adjustments of her own.  We didn’t know what she was working on and were blown away by the end result.  What a wacky duck!

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