Camp is over!


Duckface and duck faces.  One of the perks of being a camp counselor was first in line at the visiting petting zoo.

What an experience!  I just went from virtually no classroom experience to a hardened warrior.  I mean, literally, you have to develop an exoskeleton to avoid all the flailing five-year-olds with needles running at you.  We all survived, with just a few needle pokes and very few tears, and now over 100 kindergarten through seventh graders can thread a needle, do basic stitches and finish simple projects of their choosing.  They have the confidence to fix their torn teddy bears. Some can draft simple patterns or understand store-bought ones.  Some children can free-hand embroider while others are overjoyed to understand the simple mechanics of a needle and thread.

I’d highly recommend Steve & Kate’s Camp if you live in the Bay Area.  The food is good, the studios are varied and engaging and these kids came up with amazing ideas and had the time to follow through with them.  After camp, it seemed like every hour of their day was filled with lesson after lesson, so it was good that while they were with us, they did what they wanted.  They played.

But now I get to play for a little while.  Red rover, red rover, send my vacation on over!


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