The $15 Halloween Cure

Unicorn horns!  It’s a fast, easy way to answer the Halloween costume question.  Do you get Halloween Anxiety?  We’ll call it HA.  I get  HA like crazy, with symptoms showing up as early as September 1st.  It starts when someone, quite innocently, asks me, “So, what do you think you’ll do for Halloween?”  Poor friend, who thinks she’s just small-talking or starting a genuine conversation about creativity and holiday spirit, has opened a can of worms.

Could I be a can of worms for Halloween?

In my my, there is an expectation to top last year’s costume.  I lived in one town for 10 years, and felt like I had to keep one-upping myself.  When we moved to San Jose, there was a bit of relief knowing that no one here knew if I was a Halloween savant or not.  No expectations!  That’s when I came up with the unicorn horns.








Above are small, medium and large unicorn horns.  The large horn was the one I originally made last October and wore to a tremendously fun Halloween karaoke session (that included my parents).  It’s a great costume for people who don’t like costumes:  it’s light, inexpensive and you forget you’re wearing it.  A headband requires very little preparation or perspiration (of course, if there is perspiration, it will help with that.)

Speaking of sweat, after Halloween is over, why stop wearing a horn?  I’ve made sweatband versions that you can wear as you go along your daily activities.  Mow the lawn, go for a jog, swagger on the treadmill.

Bonus: they will fit over a bicycle helmet.

Don’t see what you want?  I also do custom horns, which can vary in the color of the felt (the horn fabric), spiral stitch, headband/sweatband color and length.  Go with a  tiny baby nubbin of a horn, or a somewhat-NSFW javelin.  Custom horns from 3-10″ are just $20.

And Heaven forbid we forget the narwhal, unicorn of the sea.

Visit Jumbo Jibbles– The Store! for a fine selection of Halloween wearables, all for the low price of $15.


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  1. […] need a costume?  It’s not too late to order a $15 Halloween Cure, that is, a unicorn horn!  But for $15 on Jumbo Jibbles, you can also now get an easy Fruit Hat, […]

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