Come See me! Jingle Fest 2012

Want to see, feel, speak to a Jumbo Jibble in person?  I’ll be showing my wares at the 3rd Annual Jingle Fest holiday fair in San Jose on Sunday, November 18th.  I’ll be there with scads of other local artists.  It’ll be a great chance to see what other work is coming out of the South Bay, and get a jump on your holiday gifts.  Every year, I try to avoid gifts, but then I see something (like Nicole Steward’s applique bunting pillows pictured above) and start the whole process again.  If the hassle of gift-giving brings you down, buying local is a perfect analgesic for Christmas blues.

Napredak Hall
770 Montague Expressway
San Jose, CA 95131

There’s no admission fee, and there’ll be a free craft activity (I heard a rumor it’s finger puppets…) for kids.  Parking is also free, so it’s all free until you want to buy a gift.  I’ve never been before, and it will be my first holiday fair.  I’m super excited/nervous.  Here’s a sampling of my new items you’ll get to see live!

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2 Comments on “Come See me! Jingle Fest 2012”

  1. Donna says:

    How exciting, wish I knew about this before I committed to something else (Berryessa Craft Fair). How do you find your places to showcase? I’m new to all this myself. Good Luck!!!

  2. I’ve just been learning about them as they come up, but someone from Jingle Fest contacted me directly on Etsy. They’re rather new, so I don’t think most places actively seek out vendors, but wait for applications. Join the SFEtsy team– there’s scads of info there (but not as much for South Bay stuff).

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