So many fruits!

I’ve added so many new things to my shop, but most importantly so much produce!

My stint at Bazaar Bizarre was great, and encouraged me to make new pillow, and many of them!

Embroidered Strawberry Pillow


Stuffed Asparagus Spears


Hothouse Tomato Pillow

Roma Tomato


Roma Tomato



Beaded Strawberry Pillow

Please visit the Jumbo Jibbles store for some great holiday gifts.  I’m having a few sales, also!

Pick your color Unicorn Horn Headband!

Unicorn Headbands are only $12 right now, and you can pick from TWELVE different colors.  These make great stocking stuffers, or fun props for a memorable Christmas family photo.



Use coupon code EATMOREVEGGIES to get 15% off orders of 2 or more fruits and veggies.  Order a whole salad bowl!


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