SJMade at San Jose Museum of Art!


South Bay’ers! Come see me and a bunch of other great San Jose artisans at the San Jose Museum of Art!  I am absolutely thrilled to have my work IN A MUSEUM!  I know, I know, not the same thing as being an exhibitor, but this mini-mart is close enough for me.  There will be a miniature fair in the lobby of the museum in downtown San Jose, and admission is free!  There will also be craft workshops (make something!) with GoGo Craft.  It’s free!  If you want to see the art exhibits admission is only $5.  Wouldn’t that make a great first date? Art museum plus an artsy activity.  Spread it around!


One Comment on “SJMade at San Jose Museum of Art!”

  1. […] you figure out which one is me?  This photo was taken at my first San Jose Made event at the San Jose Museum of Art.  I felt like a celebrity when the Metro newspaper photographer had me pose for a few shots.  You […]

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