Unicorn Horn Party Packs!

You know what they say about handmade unicorn horn sweatbands– you can’t have just one.  So I’ve made listings for 10-packs and 20-packs of my famous Unicorn Horn Headbands!  Got a roller derby team that needs yet more pizzaz?

These work for roller derby teams, birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bike races, marathons or just to create group unity!  My mother goes on a trip with her eight (8) sisters every two years, and they make matching t-shirts to identify them as  a group.  Here’s a small portion of that loud, Southern group on “cowboy night”:

Four Brothers 2

Left to right: Aunt Bessy, Aunt Amy, Aunt Lucy and my mom.


They are weird, but it explains a lot.

If you buy 10 horns, you get a 15% discount, and with 20 you get 30% off!


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