My Crazy, Wonderful Family

Yesterday, I posted a picture of my mother and some of her sisters. I may have understated the spectacle…

Cerise Hartness and Daughters, 1960?

Cerise Hartness and Daughters, 1960?

But this is just the start!

Photo from newspaper article

Photo from newspaper article (my mother is the smallest one at the right)

At the basket factory

At the basket factory

Seven Bunnies

Seven Bunnies

Fanny packs!

I don't know what's happening here.

Brothers on Cowboy Night

Basket Cases

With elephant

All nine sisters! Barbara, Beth, Mary Anne, Gale, Amy, Lucy, Kay, Judy and Lou!

I love my sisters

My mother was the youngest of 10 children! Nine girls and one boy, living in a little house in the Mississippi Delta. They are a crazy group of people, and I miss the days when everyone still lived in Mississippi and we had THE BIGGEST Thanksgivings you’ve ever seen. By the time I was born, I already had cousins who were grown and married. My mother’s oldest sister was 17 years her senior! My grandmother was pretty tired out by the time I came around, so I wasn’t able to get to know her very well, and she died when I was 9 years old. My grandfather died when my mother was 16, so I was always short on grandparents compared to my other friends. But boy did I have some aunts!

When these ladies get in a room together, things get LOUD. But they are so much fun, and the fun they have together is magnetic to everyone around them. Take nine women who can’t leave a check-out line without making a new friend, and you’ve got a recipe for a party. My mom and Aunt Beth are visiting California in March, so get ready West Coast!

Laid-back Belles

Laid-back Belles, left to right: Beth, Judy, Mary Anne, Barbara (my mom), Kay, Lou, Lucy, Gayle and Amy


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