Shaving Cream Painting for Marbled Paper!

I had so much fun with this in the past few weeks.  I had been dying to try it after reading several how-tos, and I’d say it’s a blast even if you don’t have kids to do it with.


First off, this project can be done with acrylics or fingerpaints.  If you are not afraid of art being messy (and staining) I would go with acrylics.  The results are much brighter.  Fingerpaints, while totally safe for surfaces, come out very weak and not as “TA-DA!”


The supplies list is simple, and cheap:

-really foamy shaving cream (I used Barbasol)

-a variety of paint colors (acrylic, fingerpaints)

-cardstock (large pieces for agile hands, or index cards for tiny ones) or paper plates

-a shallow container (I used plastic plates with the kids, uses less cream)

-forks, popsicle sticks for “brushes”

The tutorials I read called for a squeegee for removing the shaving cream, but since that was not in my craft arsenal, I simply used a plastic ruler.


Spray the shaving cream into the container, enough that you can use a popsicle stick to smooth it out, like icing on a cake.  It doesn’t need to be perfect, and you don’t even have to do that step.  It is fun for the kids to play in, so that can be just one more fun activity for them.

When the cream is ready as your “canvas”, squeeze a few different colored streaks of paint on top.  Do you work with kids who just love squeezing paint bottles?  Then maybe you should do the paint for them.

Rake the popsicle stick or fork around the cream and paint to make swirls and streaks.  Mix paint colors in the cream and see what you get.  Once you see a particularly beautiful swirl, cover it with a piece of paper, card or paper plate and gently press over the whole surface.  Peel it back and let it dry for a few minutes.  Multiple prints can be made from the same canvas, so make sure you show them they can keep painting.

To clear the shaving cream and reveal the print, use a squeegee or ruler over the sink to scrape off the shaving cream.  I found putting the paper on an hard surface (like the bottom of a plate or a cutting board) make it easier, and prevented the paper from tearing.  Let these prints dry for an hour or more.


The index cards are quickly turned into valentines for the whole class, or you can cut them up into shapes.  Make a collage of balloons, or string shapes together to make a beautiful marbled garland.  It makes a gorgeous background for your desktop or Twitter page!


One Comment on “Shaving Cream Painting for Marbled Paper!”

  1. This awesome! I like this and that you can paint with shaving cream 🙂 Thank you for posting!

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