Paint Pants and Art Crushes

Do you have a pair of pants or a shirt that you always paint in? Or do you call them messy pants? I have a pair of jeans I wear without fail to my teaching sessions. Working with children (and sometimes acrylics) I’m surprised how few stains are on them. A small, bright red smear on my right hip is the only mark. Do I dare put more on? It seems wrong to do it on purpose– I’d like each spot to have a story.

So it’s a Friday night, and I find myself buying nail polish on Etsy. Did you see this on the front page?

Oh Splat! polish from KBShimmer on Etsy

I grew up in the 80s, so there is something in my inchoate development that is attached to anything splatter painted.  Couldn’t pass it by, really.  And those blots of color got me so excited, I decided to see what other painting accident-inspired stuff there was out there.  I do focus on Etsy*, but tell me in the comments if you’ve got something for the collection!

‘Splat!’ by pinkpicnic

Oh Splat White Glitter Nail …


Skinny Silk Ribbon Cord Bund…


Samsung Galaxy S3 Case, Mia …


Modern Confetti Oil Painting…


EC14 – Floating Multi-Colore…


Love jewelry / valentines…


1980s Paint Splatter Dress, …


Two-toned Red & Paint Splatt…


BONWIT TELL (Nature’s P…


Galaxy Earring – More Color …


Colors abstract 11 x 14, ori…


Southwest Color Palette Ford…


Vintage Postcard. Artist Pal…


Dan Bennett Ruby Dawn in Lim…


antique french paint set fre…


Fiori, Floral Splat Fabric i…


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

It’s easy to put this kind of collection together– in my case, memories and emotion help me pick the items because my brain can really start thinking about the Why.  Like looking for a particular color in a game of I Spy.

Mia Christopher (a Bay Area artist) showed some of her work at The Usuals, and I really wanted one of her paint-palette pieces.  She does have a shop on Etsy, and you can get friggin’ iPhone covers with her artwork on this website.  It’s all swirly and colorful, and reminds me of Wayne Thiebaud.  You know, art you want to reach out and scrape at (but don’t!)  She even had some of her work adapted for fabric at Anthropologie!

Mia Love in one of her painting-inspired dresses from Anthropologie. How cool is that? Image from

Sketchbook image from

Mia Christopher work from

Who wants to paint now?

*Let it be known that when I do a treasury, I start on the LAST page of the search.  I know I’d appreciate it if I was back there (I have been!)


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