Kiwi Time!



Welcome to the world, giant kiwi!  I love getting custom commissions and stretching my brain to make shapes and designs HUGE!  You can get your own Giant Kiwi Pillow at my Etsy Store.  I am working on making a slightly smaller, simpler one for customers with smaller Giant Fruit budgets.



This one is pretty big– 18 inches long, 12 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 34 inches at the “waistline”.  Only weighs a pound, though.  The flat top of the kiwi is made of green and white fleece, and I free-hand(?) machine-stitched the veins around the core.  All the seeds were stitched on by hand, and I used the Henson Stitch to sew the furry peel to the green center.  I finished it off by using a tiny pick to tease out all the fur fibers from each seam, mostly covering any trace of joinings.



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