Lazy Jibbles all over the place

Hard times have befallen this blog while good times roll on the outside.  I’ve been getting custom orders and having fun with volunteer opportunities at several museums in San Jose.  Things are great!

For now, you can see jibbly happenings in short form all over the internet.  Jumbo Jibbles is on Tumblr for more off-topic ephemera, twitter for snippets of Brownian wisdom and of course, on the Facebook (share me to your grandma, please!)  And I’m proud to announce I’ve finally gotten on Instagram, which means it will soon be completely out of vogue and I’ll have worry about joining the next social networking platform, which will probably involve people taking holographic shots of the inside of their eyelids tagged with synaesthetic dubstep beats looping continuously.  It’s a brave new world.



Later this week: a quartet of fruit puppets, a unicorn photo shoot and my new volunteer gig at the San Jose Quilt and Textile Museum!


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