Jibbly Hints: Stylish Swatch Holder

Jaunt off to the fabric store with a colorful reminder of what you need to buy! It’s easy to say “Oh, I’ll remember!” when buying supplies, but everyone’s felt the impotent rage of standing in the fabric aisles and having no clue why you are there. Or, you need “blue”– blue what?!

When you purchase fabric, cut off a little square before you start and stow it somewhere. Even better, staple it to a little piece of paper with the type of fabric and where you go it. I cut a little notch in the fabric and attach it to a metal ring, like for flashcards.


If you’ve got a second ring lying around, transfer swatches you need to that so you only get what you came for.

Sidenote– the colors you buy in December may not be the same in a few months, so make sure to get what you need for a project in one go. I’ve learned that dye lots of ribbon or fleece can change enough time to time. I once spent 4 hours trying to find a specific shade of ball fringe, only to find it just didn’t exist anymore until the whims of the dyer thousands of miles away decided to feel that “kind of green” again.


No, I didn’t make that wonderful brooch. Got it on Etsy years back and can’t find the seller anymore! I did, however, make my purse.

Not only does my swatch ring hold onto my sanity, it looks cute and colorful on my purse. So there you go, one  more  accomplishment in the sordid, harrowing journey toward an organized life. Good luck!

*for more awesome sewing tips, check out Colette Patterns “Snippets“*


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