Underpricing Creativity, or, How to Use Your English Degree

I was trolling Etsy on this lazy Sunday, looking for ways to respectfully, but efficiently, sell my Sky & Light pendants to the same sex wedding market, when I came upon a listing for a love spell. “A spell?” I wondered aloud, “How can you sell a spell on a handmade marketplace?” Well, it seems you can sell just about anything if you know your audience (and have no scruples about stealing images from DeviantArt.com).

This post will be a quick primer on pricing your items for success.

Make someone love YOU forever – Real Spell Cast Just For You – Amazing results – from MYMAGICFRIEND on Etsy

Fall in Love Forever Spell $9.99

This is cheaper than a Slanket, and a sleeve blanket definitely does not last forever. What makes you think this spell will hold sway over a non-consenting adult for the span of their natural lives? When I buy eggs, like a fool I buy the most expensive ones because I let myself think that means the chickens had premium TV channels.  On that note:

Haunted Love Magick, Triple Casting for A Variety Of Love Issues – from INVITINGANGELS on Etsy


Now, I can only imagine what that extra $7 is for (candle trivets? fashion tape? crystal cleaner?) but with a price tag over $100, this is a seller who respects her ability to steal from people. And you want to give your money to someone who respects herself.

When pricing your work, think of these tips from top Etsy seller Kelly Rae in her post titled “Pricing Tips for Your Creative Business“:

    1. Challenge yourself to charge a price that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable.

Bingo! I definitely feel uncomfortable.

       2. When you underprice your work, you’re sending the message that it’s not the best quality; that’s it’s cheap.

If you can put a price on dreams and lies, go big. No one likes a cheap dream or a lackluster charlatan. Are you one of the many 20-30 somethings with a mouldering English degree and a father who loves to ask you how you’re using it?  Tell him you’re writing people emails about how you may have sat in a circle of crystals and meditated on their Atkins diet progress- and that you’re getting paid $49 bucks a pop.



One Comment on “Underpricing Creativity, or, How to Use Your English Degree”

  1. Hey, if you want to fill the void left when April Winchell got a new voice acting gig, go for it!

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