Notes from Camp Caz 2013


Welcome sign by me.

I returned last week from an amazing time at Cazadero Performing Arts Family Camp in Cazadero, CA. It’s a camp full of Berkley music people, but there were also campers from as far as Texas and Japan. I was lucky to get recommended to teach art classes, and had the privilege of creating and naming them myself. It being my first year, I had no idea what to expect! All I knew was that I wanted my classes to be open to just about anyone, so I planned on having people competent in crafting and some who were trying something totally new.  Ages were 5-70 (maybe older), so it made for a very high energy, interesting class.

There are four class periods, and I taught all four! (I found out that was a bit excessive, so next year I’m going to *take* a class). The first class I want to write about was “Pens and Plants”, which in the literature purported itself to be a mixed media nature class where we’d draw, sculpt, papercraft and felt. This was the largest class, since the description had a little something for everyone.

The first day I introduced the class to quilling. Here’s a tip– younger kids are not going to like quilling, as it requires manual dexterity that is simply beyond them, something I’ll remember for next year. Quilling was to be a one-day project, where we would make a simple design we could hang or use as a card. Several people decided that they wanted nothing more than to quill, and spent all 5 days on their projects. It being only a one-day project, my own expertise was not, well, expertise. By the end of the week, these campers had come up with things I’ve never done, or seen, before. Next year– week-long quilling class!

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For more awesome quilling visuals, check out Lyn Chapman’s quilling board on Pinterest, or pick out something amazing for yourself on Etsy.

Teaching was a blast, but I will admit I was a little scared of going hours from home by myself and sleeping in a tent for a week (in a tent, on the ground, 7 days), apart from not knowing what camp was like. I went expecting to do a job, and I came back with a lot of great experience and as a member of the Caz community. I can’t wait for next year!



Jibbly Hints: Stylish Swatch Holder

Jaunt off to the fabric store with a colorful reminder of what you need to buy! It’s easy to say “Oh, I’ll remember!” when buying supplies, but everyone’s felt the impotent rage of standing in the fabric aisles and having no clue why you are there. Or, you need “blue”– blue what?!

When you purchase fabric, cut off a little square before you start and stow it somewhere. Even better, staple it to a little piece of paper with the type of fabric and where you go it. I cut a little notch in the fabric and attach it to a metal ring, like for flashcards.


If you’ve got a second ring lying around, transfer swatches you need to that so you only get what you came for.

Sidenote– the colors you buy in December may not be the same in a few months, so make sure to get what you need for a project in one go. I’ve learned that dye lots of ribbon or fleece can change enough time to time. I once spent 4 hours trying to find a specific shade of ball fringe, only to find it just didn’t exist anymore until the whims of the dyer thousands of miles away decided to feel that “kind of green” again.


No, I didn’t make that wonderful brooch. Got it on Etsy years back and can’t find the seller anymore! I did, however, make my purse.

Not only does my swatch ring hold onto my sanity, it looks cute and colorful on my purse. So there you go, one  more  accomplishment in the sordid, harrowing journey toward an organized life. Good luck!

*for more awesome sewing tips, check out Colette Patterns “Snippets“*

Maintain Your Post! DIY Dot Earrings for Every Outfit

Dark blue resin posts

Dark blue resin posts

I wear solid-color stud earrings almost every day, changing to fit my outfits or complement statement earrings. I’ve been enamored of tiny earrings since I was a little girl endlessly spinning the displays at stores like Claire’s, and used to buy my multicolored sets of studs at Forever 21. I decided to spend a little more money and invest in some well-made jewelry from DA Metals in Providence, RI.  They are silver and resin, and do not chip! It was worth my investment. I got 5 pairs to go with all my outfits.

Want to make a pair in every color of the rainbow? For the price of a bottle of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, you can make one hundred pairs of studs. They aren’t as sturdy as those made by DA Metals (seriously, get yourself a pair) but you can get creative and add whatever you want.  All it takes are some very simple and inexpensive materials. Read the rest of this entry »

Christmas in July sale!



Hey y’all! 20% off everything at Jumbo Jibbles AND Sky & Light until the 21st. The discount is already taken, so don’t worry about coupon codes. This is a great time to pick up some of my “luxury” items, such as a 10-piece unicorn horn set, giant kiwi pillow or personalized star map pendant!

As a member of the San Francisco Etsy team, I would like to direct you to our #SFETSY hashtag, which you can search on Etsy, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram to find more awesome shops that are discounting their creations for early holiday shoppers. I wanted to do a post on the great early gifts I’ve bought from handmade sellers, but my family reads my blog. My sister is two years older than me and STILL asks, “What’d you get me?” as if I’d forget and let it slip. 🙂


Look for the keywords Christmas In July, ChristmasinJuly or CIJ to find participating stores. And it’s not just Etsy– this is pretty nationwide.

4th of July Sale! Get your patriotic bananas here!


This includes my other store Sky & Light!

National Fruit and Vegetable Month


Triton Summer Art Fair!

I’m just going crazy on the museum circuit!  There are Jumbo Jibbles in the San Jose Quilt and Textiles Museum, I was in that SJMADE event at San Jose Museum of Art, and NOW I’m in the Midsummer Art Fair at the Triton Museum in Santa Clara.

Ok, so maybe I’m not IN a museum, but I’m close to one!



If you’ve never been to the Triton Museum, it is beautiful and free.