Make a Scrap-topus

What’s an octopus made of scrap fabric and thread that you’ve got all over your sewing room floor?  A scrap-topus!  This is a little project I did this summer at camp, on the days we designated “scrap days”.  With 100 kids coming and going through the sewing studio, our scrap bins got really fun.  I wish I had a picture to explain how much stuff was exploding out of them.

Now, you are probably saying to yourself– why not just throw it away!  That seemed like a bad lesson for kids, and scrap day had another meaning– it was a day to get creative with the little things, or figure out how to make lots of little things one big thing.  Enter the scrap-topus.  It’s more of an octopus-jellyfish, because the sheer material lets you see all the guts inside.

We had lots (I mean LOTS) of googly eyes on hand, but you can use buttons, paint, embroidery, what have you.  What you’ll need:

  • Sheer fabric (tulle, organza, chiffon, pantyhose)
  • Fabric and thread scraps (the smaller the better)
  • Ribbon, string or rick-rack
  • Googly eyes
  • glue (hot or fabric glue is  best)
  • scissors

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What We’re Making Today: Arctic Scenes!

Four projects in one!  Today we set out to make an arctic scene with landscapes, weather and of course, inhabitants.  This was inspired by a toilet roll penguin craft in Make and Do Crafts, but you can find  how-tos all over the internet.  We made a penguin, arctic hare (rabbit), mountains (or glaciers) and a mobile of clouds, snow and sunlight.  Over the next few posts, I’ll go into detail about each one.  For now, feast your eyes.

Arctic hare and mountains.

Close up of penguin.

Weather mobile.

Blue Spring

I finally found a use for the keyboard springs I’ve had lying around for years.  These are my favorite creatures I’ve ever made, and can’t wait to perfect them so they may be sold on my Etsy.  They are polymer clay, pins, pipe cleaners and metal springs.  Aren’t they adorable?  I wish I knew how to make animated gifs so I could have one boinging around.

Etsy Treasury: A Bird and a Bear

I’d like to get a tattoo of a bird and a bear.  A friendly bear and bird.  There’s a picture of a specific bear in my head, maybe dancing and holding out his paw to a little bird, but as many thousands of images I go through on Google Images, I cannot find it.  Maybe I should browse wine labels.

I made this treasury of Etsy items to assuage me until I find it.  Got a cute bear or bird image? Let me know!



Papa Bear plate


BEAR to do list notepad by b…




Be my Friend, Print, 8×11 in…


Unlikely Circumstances


Forest Concert


Watching Over 5×7 Print


We all fly together LIMITED …


Pamela in the Woods – 8×10 P…


Hand Drawn 8×10 “Float&…


Oliver Finds His Way, origin…


Asleep in the Woods – Origin…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

[UPDATE: Hilariously, I found an Apartment Therapy article on “dancing bear art.  I love the internet.