New! Cave Painting Star Necklace


Inspired by 4,000 year old cave paintings in Guam, this Sky & Light pendant is an interpretation of the images ancient peoples illustrated on the walls of caves.  Primitive lines and dark, pulsing color depict the skies and what may have cross– the Milk Way, the tails of comets and meteors, or maybe a calendar what marked the passage of time by the stars’ location? All my jewelry is hand painted and no one is the same. Get yours at Sky & Light.



Night Sky Cave Painting Pendant on 18″ silver chain


Just an idea for Mother’s Day– give her the stars

My mom (in the green) with one of her many lovely sisters, on our trip to San Francisco.

My mom (in the green) with one of her many lovely sisters, on our trip to San Francisco.

My mom has everything– she’s smart, creative, holds her liquor well, has a great husband, two daughters that love her (but should call more) and a questionable collection of Santa Claus statues. What do you get a woman like that for Mother’s Day? Don’t tell me to make a pack of paper coupons for foot rubs and mowing the lawn (we don’t live in the same state, and I hate giving a coupon to a family member). If I was there in Arkansas, I’d make her dinner, because that crazy woman has a set of dishes for every occasion and I’d like to give her a chance to use them.

Obviously, I can’t say what I’m getting her (Hey Mom! I bet you’re reading this) but I can take suggestions. I’ve already given her one of my favorite gifts, which was made from an idea she gave me.

The hand-painted astronomy pendants I sell at Sky & Light were my mom’s idea. I don’t pass up an opportunity to tell people who’s idea it really was. Not only did she come up with it, she let me have it. She didn’t even make me sign a contract or give her royalties– just wanted me to have fun and be successful.  Thanks Mom!

If you are looking for something new this year that will knock your mother’s fuzzy house socks off, consider a personalized pendant of the stars on your birthday, or on your sibling’s birthday.  Better yet– her birthday.  Without that date, you wouldn’t be reading this blog post.

My pendants show the exact stars in the sky from the location of your preferred event (birthday, anniversary) at the time you want. What would she have seen in the sky if the roof of the hospital had been lifted like a jewelry box?  Each comes delicately painted on a vintage optician’s lens with a sprinkle of stardust and backed with a translucent blue sky.  The lenses are made of medical-grade stainless steel and glass, dainty to look at but durable enough to withstand the grabby hands of a toddler.

Each pendant takes about a week to make, so order one now for Mother’s Day delivery!  She’ll never have seen another like it– just like you!  And to sweeten the deal, I’m offering a coupon for 15% off all my merchandise on Sky & Light.  You can find the coupon on the Nerdwallet page.  You may even find something for yourself!

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Get your mom, wife, friend, girlfriend or daughter one here!