Election Day, featuring President Bird!

from twitter user and illustrator @A_TRAGIC_GYRO

Everyone’s biting their nails today, but I’m trying to focus on a less divisive issue: Kisses.  One of my absolute favorite webcomics, Three Word Phrase by Ryan Pequin, has run a few strips with the character of President Bird.  They are wonderfully non-partisan and ridiculous.   My husband’s pet name for me is Bird (literally a pet name, I just realized…) so we get a kick out of this wiggledy, one-issue president.  I like the mix of unassailable cuteness and dark humor.   Pequin has been keeping up with the pace of the current election, but you can judge for yourself whether or not he is taking sides.   In writing this ode to President Bird, I just found out it has a Twitter account! Of course it would have a Twitter account.  Also, this emoticon-  :V That emoticon works better in a San Serif. So last week, imagine my absolute glee in receiving a needle-felted President Bird sculpture from Etsy seller Stabwool.

President bird is made of wool, a little sculpey beek, painted wire feet and three different stick-on speech bubbles: WHEEEEE!, WHAT YOU DOIN’, and GIMME A KISS!  Even the packaging had details that put a smile on my face:

So, there’s my politics for this presidential race.  Stop over at Stabwool and see the wonderful creations there, and read over a few Three Word Phrase comics.


Put a bird on it!

I’m really late on this one– my spouse has been using this catchphrase for months it seems, and I had no idea where it was from!  It’s just the bird zeitgeist, ya know.  I am a bird fan (it’s the nickname my spouse calls me) and I’ll admit that I’m huffy about the sudden preponderance of bird merchandise*.  That’s the latent hipster in me, I’ll admit.

I didn’t like Portlandia at first, having come back from my first trip there and TOTALLY in love with the town.  I gained enough of a sense of humor since then to enjoy it.

Detail of a letter to be mailed to PDX

*As much as I am irked by the bird stuff, the mustache items make me want to put a turd on it.