The Horror! The Horror! Unicorn Ski Masks now available!

Unicorn horn ski masks are definitely the most frightening thing I’ve ever made (maybe more so than the 1st draft of the mushroom cloud puppet, eek!). So much, that I’ve kept them “in the back” at the last two fairs, afraid I’d scare off my cutesier clientele. But they’ve gotten me a lot of attention lately. Behold!


This is the first picture I sent out onto the interwebz. Each ski mask comes in a one-size-fits-all adult size, fitting a little more loosely than an adult beanie. If you have glasses, you can still wear them but I think it makes the creepy-level go up 50%. The above mask has a custom horn and ears attached to it. You can get this new horn-upgrade for $9.


Or maybe you want a more classic look– black with a white horn. Now please, I have heard people make jokes about robbing banks almost 100 times now. Please do not do anything bad while wearing this! Not only are crimes, well, criminal, you would likely be caught very quickly if you were so unwise as to wear a unicorn costume while robbing someone. So please do not do that. These are great for face-warmth while snow-boarding, playing pranks on friends or doing things at FurCon that we shall not discuss here.

Also available in pink! Like I always say, if you have any anxiety about Halloween costumes, my unicorn horns are a wonderful antidote for HAD (Halloween Anxiety Disorder).  But get them soon! Supplies are limited.




Bay to Breakers – Get Ready!

Bay to Breakers is in one month! The craziest 12K in the Bay Area, set in San Francisco and from what I’ve heard and seen, is an excuse to dress even crazier than usual and hang with friends for a really long walk.  As I’m writing this post, I’m trying to find an image that accurately portrays the race without alienating my younger or more demure readers. Let’s just say it’s hard, and if you can’t look at a Google image search of the race, you probably don’t need to go. There are other races without as many butts.

Here we go:

Unless this is a new subculture fetish I wasn’t aware of, I believe this is safe for work.

I want to see lots of people wearing my unicorn horns, not just because selling unicorn horns gives me the means to make more of them, but I love that I am helping put a little more fun and happiness into the world. I’ve heard such great things about this race, I want to be a part of it. I’m just not sure I can walk all day*!

So, in honor of Bay to Breakers, I am offering my unicorn headbands at a discount if you buy one for you and one for a friend. Two horns for $40.23! Why $40.23? Because $20.13 is a cute number, but unicorns don’t grow on trees. At $40.26, that’s a 20% discount for two horns. Go get two!


The race is May 19th, starting at the Embarcadero and ending at Ocean Beach. If you want to register, do it by May 16th!

Bay to Breakers on Wikipedia

*When I go to San Francisco, the thought on my mind is always, “Where the bathroom?” It’s given me a bad mental connection with Starbucks.

Not too late for Halloween! Order by Friday!

Order by this Friday to get your costume in time for the 31st!


Still need a costume?  It’s not too late to order a $15 Halloween Cure, that is, a unicorn horn!  But for $15 on Jumbo Jibbles, you can also now get an easy Fruit Hat, to become one of many fruits!

Eggplant? Strawberry? Tomato?  It’s up to you.  Pair this with a solid colored top and you’re all set, or go a little nuts and paint your whole face.

Not feeling fruity?  Go with a classic horn.

My husband, modeling the new sweatband.

These new sweatband horns will fit heads from toddlers to adults, and are even stretchy enough to fit all the way around a bicycle helmet!

Order by this Friday to get your costume in time for the 31st!

The $15 Halloween Cure

Unicorn horns!  It’s a fast, easy way to answer the Halloween costume question.  Do you get Halloween Anxiety?  We’ll call it HA.  I get  HA like crazy, with symptoms showing up as early as September 1st.  It starts when someone, quite innocently, asks me, “So, what do you think you’ll do for Halloween?”  Poor friend, who thinks she’s just small-talking or starting a genuine conversation about creativity and holiday spirit, has opened a can of worms.

Could I be a can of worms for Halloween?

In my my, there is an expectation to top last year’s costume.  I lived in one town for 10 years, and felt like I had to keep one-upping myself.  When we moved to San Jose, there was a bit of relief knowing that no one here knew if I was a Halloween savant or not.  No expectations!  That’s when I came up with the unicorn horns.








Above are small, medium and large unicorn horns.  The large horn was the one I originally made last October and wore to a tremendously fun Halloween karaoke session (that included my parents).  It’s a great costume for people who don’t like costumes:  it’s light, inexpensive and you forget you’re wearing it.  A headband requires very little preparation or perspiration (of course, if there is perspiration, it will help with that.)

Speaking of sweat, after Halloween is over, why stop wearing a horn?  I’ve made sweatband versions that you can wear as you go along your daily activities.  Mow the lawn, go for a jog, swagger on the treadmill.

Bonus: they will fit over a bicycle helmet.

Don’t see what you want?  I also do custom horns, which can vary in the color of the felt (the horn fabric), spiral stitch, headband/sweatband color and length.  Go with a  tiny baby nubbin of a horn, or a somewhat-NSFW javelin.  Custom horns from 3-10″ are just $20.

And Heaven forbid we forget the narwhal, unicorn of the sea.

Visit Jumbo Jibbles– The Store! for a fine selection of Halloween wearables, all for the low price of $15.

July Photodump


New from my sky chart collection!  This is the night sky on December 21, 2012 from the viewpoint of Chichen Itza, Mexico.  THE END OF THE WORLD!  Supposedly.  People really, really want there to be a definite end point for some reason, and will mis-read all manner of things to figure it out.  This fiery piece of madness will be up on my store soon, along with other pertinent events in history.  Remember, you can order ANY day, not just a birthday.  Should I do the original upload of Keyboard Cat or Kim and Kanye’s first date?  Oh, so many decisions to make.


Pardon the blurry photo.  Camp’s theme this week was “Enchanted”, so I utilized a gorgeous black velvet cloak that my grandmother made my mother when she was a teen.  For some reason, I never asked my mom why she needed a black velvet cloak…. gonna go make a phone call.  Anyhow, I also made up a wonderfully easy wand which definitely “enchanted” the campers.  I’ll post a tutorial soon.


Sometimes I worry I’m not as good with kids as I need to be.  It’s really hard to help 15+ kids all do different projects at once, and it’s shown me I need to be a more patient and compassionate person.  Really, if you don’t have those two things (in any amount) step away from the children.  It’ll just end badly.  So I was delighted when one of my 3rd graders gave me this sweet little note!  If I have time, I want to re-create the drawing as a stuffie and give it to him before camp is over.  I think that’s the boy in the drawing, so maybe I’m the dinosaur?



Though I am somewhat loathe to post this, I am proud of my recreation of Girl Savage’s “feltidermy” jackelope.  I’ve had one of her pieces for years, and a friend recently commented on how much he’d like one for a friend’s housewarming next week.  Girl Savage is currently busy making a hand-made human being and has her shop on vacation, so I told him I’d make him one.  I felt so dirty making someone else’s creation!!  Justin assured me this isn’t the only felt jackelope-maker, but she’s the oldest one I know of and the best.  Mine is shoddy in comparison, but I did make a decent adjustment– backwards needle-felted hairs on the ears and chest.  Like it?


My campers continue to be awesome in their creations.  We’ve got a copy of the Cuter Book (which I’ve owned two of in my lifetime) in the sewing studio, and it’s probably the biggest hit.  The book has very small projects, mostly 2D stuffed animals that often include just gluing pieces on.  Most kids have been making those, but the above camper took it to another level and made adjustments of her own.  We didn’t know what she was working on and were blown away by the end result.  What a wacky duck!

Unicorn horns are up!

I don’t have pictures of all of them (why can’t Arkansas and California just be the same place??) but soon there will be a plethora of horns on Jumbo Jibbles, as well as a costumes section!

Halloween Hats!

Satisfied customers: Mary and Jerry take a stroll in their Halloween hats.

One of the skills I’m honing are odd hats (see above).  I made my first costume hat for a cupcake costume for Aprilween, but it didn’t make the cut when we had our first moving yard sale.  I was surprised that someone would buy a hand-made hat, and they went on to order two more.

Aprilween 2010: Betsey Johnson cupcake!

One day, I promise I’ll make a better tutorial for one of these.  It’s pretty much cover a balloon in paper mache, then go crazy.  I can’t get more specific than that.

The hat helps you communicate with other pointy plants. Photo by Chris Clanton.

Justin sports a fashionable chapeau.

Cactus tutorial: Part 1!  Part 2!  Part 3!