QR Codes– are they still a thing?

I’ll be at Bazaar Bizarre in a few weeks, and thought I’d make a sign that will help get people to my store.  So, dear internet, are QR codes still a thing?  I’m new to the smartphone game, and only recently downloaded a QR scanner.  The codes themselves (stands for Quick Recognition barcode, FYI) are very easy to create.  I made one that directs users to my store using http://createqrcode.appspot.com/


If you were able to scan that, it goes directly to my Etsy page.  I was thinking about printing it out, very large and pasting it onto a fruit-shaped sign. Thoughts?


Oh, technology!


Come See me! Jingle Fest 2012

Want to see, feel, speak to a Jumbo Jibble in person?  I’ll be showing my wares at the 3rd Annual Jingle Fest holiday fair in San Jose on Sunday, November 18th.  I’ll be there with scads of other local artists.  It’ll be a great chance to see what other work is coming out of the South Bay, and get a jump on your holiday gifts.  Every year, I try to avoid gifts, but then I see something (like Nicole Steward’s applique bunting pillows pictured above) and start the whole process again.  If the hassle of gift-giving brings you down, buying local is a perfect analgesic for Christmas blues.

Napredak Hall
770 Montague Expressway
San Jose, CA 95131

There’s no admission fee, and there’ll be a free craft activity (I heard a rumor it’s finger puppets…) for kids.  Parking is also free, so it’s all free until you want to buy a gift.  I’ve never been before, and it will be my first holiday fair.  I’m super excited/nervous.  Here’s a sampling of my new items you’ll get to see live!

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My First Craft Fair!

I’m putting the finishing touches on my booth for tomorrow’s fair at San Pedro Square Market in San Jose.  I’ve been working about 10 hours a day in my studio, and I have to admit my stock is pretty baller.  I’ve had unicorn horns laying around for a while (from Halloween last year) but finally decided to make them to sell (pictured above).  If you are in the South Bay and are not going to Maker Faire, please come by!  It’s in a beautiful spot and you’ll get to meet me.  Here’s a peak of the rest!

I made a number of banana puppets, and they all look a little different.  This photo is from a photoshoot done by my friend Kelly, wherein we reenact “Charlie Bit My Finger”.

Pincushions, ranging from small to “fancy”.  Most are from my space collection.

Triangle pendants (equilaterals not shown) with stars or more abstract designs.  I did not make the actual pendants, just decorated them.  I have glass and metal work on my long list of stuff I’d like to know how to do.

I’m not sure these are actually for sale… really just something I did to take a break from sewing.  I just painted some little plastic animals and gave them eyes.  You should do it! Easy and cheap.

This is how my booth will look, but under a tent, with a big green sign and outside.  I hope to make it look less busy.


Using the multitude of scraps I had leftover from the big fruits, I made tiny “jingle berries” containing bells.
Wish me luck tomorrow.  I’ve agonized over this and I know I’ve got my hopes too high.  I need to tell myself that as long as I sell one thing, or if people like to look at my stuff, I’m going in the right direction.

San Pedro Square Craft Fair!

I’ll be participating in my first craft fair!  That’s why I’ve been such a bad blogger– I’m spending 6-8 hours a day in my studio.  Life is good.  If you are in San Jose on Sunday, May 20th, come to my Jumbo Jibbles booth!

I’ll have lots of my veggies: carrots, blueberries, oranges, lemons.  Plus, space pincushions, star pendants, garlands, puppets and more!  If you still want a custom constellation pendant, I’ll be taking orders and getting info at the fair.

This has been an expensive endeavor for me, and at many points I almost quit.  I know I won’t make my money back the first fair, but I’ve made good investments (tent, banner, Squareup) so it won’t be so bad next time.  I just keep reminding myself that when it is over, if I haven’t sold something, I can list it all on Etsy for just a few cents and relax!

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New Puppet! Meet Beatrix Banana

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I think I’ve gotten the making of banana puppets down to an science, so I need to make a few more and start on something new.  Since I haven’t sold anything yet, I haven’t had to think about having more than one of something.  I’d LOVE to have a booth at a craft fair (there’s a monthly one starting very close to my home) but I need inventory.  I’m not the most methodical person, and that comes from going from one project to another, willy-nilly, so I never have set instructions.  “By the seat of my pants” has been my modus operandi.  I’m gonna work hard to change that.

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